Hey guys!

My name is Pinal and I am a freelancer. Welcome to my blog. I am very passionate about fashion and lifestyle blogging. I love blogging about latest trends, fitness, travel and love to experiment. I am crazy about dressing and from my point of view everyone should be. Dressing depends on lot of factors like mood, comfort level, occasion (party,wedding, travel, etc.,) and weather. I believe each one of us has a unique style. For me,  sometimes I like to mix & match vintage and latest trend apparels. If you love to experiment on different styles and want to look stylish and trendy on low budget then you are at right place.

Style to me, is to wear anything that adds value to your personality and reflect the unique you! It should attract little attention of everyone. As long as it makes your feel comfortable and confident, style is more about feeling good about yourself rather than focusing about what others perceive.


I always keep black eyeliner, kajal, compact powder and red or pink lipstick with me and you should keep that too


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