Hello Everyone,

Bilbao is a wonderful place to chill out, if you are tired of your daily schedule. We visited some of the places nearby our apartment. The first place we visited was Moyua, a public circle located in centre of Bilbao. The fountain at the centre of the circle looks wonderful when sun rays fall on it. We clicked pictures, sat there for few minutes to enjoy the beauty of Moyua circle.

We visited a park nearby the Guggeheim musuem. It was very beautiful. We then rest there for about an hour. After that we started moving back to our place as our phone’s battery is about to dead. On our way back to home I did some shopping. I also visited Michael Kor’s showroom which was amazing. We had some pizza @ restaurant. They were playing Bollywood music hence we enjoyed our pizza with it. Rest for some time and went out for dinner.

A day well spent. 🙂 🙂


Orange Top: Westside (Iscon Mega Mall, Ahmedabad)

Shorts: Shopper’s Stop (Alpha One Mall, Ahmedabad)

Butterfly Necklace: Borivali Street Shopping, Mumbai

Handbag: Michael Kor’s (Ebay India)

Flats: Regal (Iscon Mega Mall)

Google: IDE (Alpha One Mall, Ahmedabad)

Bracelet: Gold (Local Jeweller, Baroda)


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