Hi Everyone Hope you all had a lovely weekend, mine was amazing. I spent it with my in-laws and my beloved husband. We watch some movies and had some family chit chat. Well, before that I met one guy named Anant on Instagram. He is passionate about clicking pictures and I love got clicked, so


Hey Guys, Today is my second wedding anniversary, so I came up with this idea of writing about my wedding outfit. It’s every girl dream to look perfect and fabulous on her wedding day so was mine. It took me one month to get everything for my wedding day and trust me I enjoyed every


Hi all, We all are familiar with lace dresses, they are perfect for any occasion all we need is to wear right accessories with it as per occasion. You can wear it to beach, party or dinner date. I wore it on beach.It’s pretty comfortable and absorbs less heat. I paired it with colourful boho necklace


Maldives, as they say ‘a heaven on earth’ is truly  beautiful and peaceful with beaches and blue water everywhere. It’s a perfect place to visit with your partner, you’ll have all time in the world to chat, eat, drink and relax. We went to Paradise Island Resort & Spa. They welcomed us with a refreshing drink Some activities at